Ride for Life

Ride 4 Life


The Ride for life is an initiative cycling event of the Children’s Developmental Centre aim at creating awareness on issues with disabilities, this is an annual event that started in 2007. Moreover, it is an avenue that geared towards raising fund for our capital project called the Lagos Living and Learning Centre (Triple LC) which is meant for adolescent and young adults of our Centre.

At the end of the cycling ride, there is a talk show that reminds people that we need to meet up with the needs of the young adults with disabilities; this will sensitize people about the need for our young adults to be more useful in the society in the future Ride for Life is more of fun event, in this regard; we do involve professional riders to ride with us. Prior to the activity, we practice every week for 6weeks.

Details of the activity are as follows:
Stop over every five kilometres to get some refreshment.
For safety: we invite Police, Ambulance and Lastma We have the press involved (Silverbird television and Punch magazine). Mr. Frank mentioned that he could also invite the Guardians to cover the event. At the last stop over, at Lagos Living and Learning Centre, participants get refreshment, talk to people about Triple LC, our plan for 2012 and the need to help our young adolescent.

Participating fee is N5, 000 which covers the helmet, T-shirt and renting the bicycle.