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Our Solutions


While our programmes have been influenced by a number of therapies, the centre has
built a lot of its programmes based on the TEACCH programme from N.Carolina.

Programmes are strongly based on

1. Visual Strategies.
2. Individual Schedules.
3. Independence.
4. Meeting the needs and interests of the child

Our Support Services Include Assessment/Diagnosis. Communication Therapy. Physiotherapy. School Support. The Programme. Parent Training & Forum.

The centre supports children with learning difficulties who are in mainstream schools. Not all children have to attend the centre. Reports and programmes can be written for children in mainstream schools and followed up by our tutors. Our team approach is to deliver a holistic service, to create awareness about the rights of special-needs children to services and opportunities with dignity within the community.

We have been fortunate to gain our expertise, experience and knowledge from the students and their families through training and sheer hard work over the past years of our operation.