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Who we are at The Children’s Developmental Centre

The centre is developing a local solution to a global problem. This is a place where children and young people with developmental disabilities have a “Sense of Belonging”. This sense of belonging is extended to the rest of the family and our local community.

The Children’s Developmental Centre is a service-oriented, not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to providing a broad range of educational and support services for children, young people and their families within the community. Established 20 years ago, the Children’s Developmental Centre is located at 31, Modupe Johnson Crescent in Surulere. The place is a facility donated by the Lagos State Government, where we have begun to meet our children’s needs for the future and the present. Our Vision is focused on the creation of centres in more local government areas and other states within Nigeria. This is based on the huge gaps that have been identified in giving appropriate services to children and young people with developmental disabilities in our communities.

CDC’s Three Areas of Focus:


Our Commitment We provide Assessments and Diagnosis, Early Intervention Programmes, Pre-School and School Services, plus programmes for young people. Supporting these core services are communication therapy, physiotherapy, school visits, etc. The centre has a community-based service, which has been focusing on government-owned homes to support their efforts in providing care for children and young adolescents.

We use the following approaches:

1. Team Work Approach.
2. Holistic Programmes for the Children.
3. Treatment with dignity.

Thirty per cent (30%) of our population belongs to the range of 10-21 years old. However, the centre cares for children as young as 10 months up to adults who are over 30 years old. It is evident that their rights, needs and interests are different as well as their families’ anxieties. As a result, the organisation has begun to invest in the futures of our young adults, in providing a more appropriate environment and programmes to make sure they are included within the community as full adults and participating members of society. The concept of the Lagos Living and Learning (Triple L) Centre is a new initiative in our environment. It is a place for young people to continue developing skills within the community with support services for life.

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