Letter To Stakeholders

Letter To Stakeholders
February 9, 2015 Children's Developmental Centre

Dear Stakeholders,

The Children’s Developmental Centre wishes to express our profound gratitude to you for your wonderful goodwill towards us. Through your support, we have continued to drive our programmes forward in the areas of service provision, training, advocacy and social inclusion policies on matters of disabilities. Apart from primary service provision at our centre, our ‘We Too Can Grow’ initiative has been reaching out to more Nigerian families especially in Lagos and Abeokuta where training, service supports and awareness platforms are given to parents of children with developmental disabilities. Feedbacks have been encouraging.

Our ‘Finding Normal’ week incorporating Disability Confidence Conference, ‘Ride for Life’, job experience fair and awareness walk held successfully in the last quarter of 2014. Furthermore, in collaboration with Fuzion Fitness Centre we recently staged a ‘Dance-A-Thon’, a social inclusion fitness-dance in which people with disabilities and those without participated together in a fun-filled atmosphere coordinated by professional fitness trainers. The goal of this initiative was to further create awareness on disability issues and promote the cause of social inclusion policies. The next edition of our Dance-A-Thon will be staged in May 2nd, 2015. All are invited!

In terms of productive engagements, our young adults continue to add value via the noble ventures of Vivatum Scented Candles production while the Teabreakers group also keep up with the activity of baking delicious pastries for individuals and corporate organisations.

In this current quarter, apart from our regular programmes, we will be having a Parents’ Forum Week from 23rd to 27th of February 2015. Disability Awareness Month follows from March 1st to 31st. On March 21st, we will be having a Multi-Sensory Resource Expo at the centre and we invite you to this great programme in which we will be showcasing goods& services used by children and young adults with developmental disabilities. In this year and with your sustained supports, we intend to consolidate on the gains already made via enhanced service delivery such as implementing Alternative and Augmentative Communication (AAC) training for young adults on the autism spectrum. We have also increased staffing volume and plan to do more in the current year in order to cover more families efficiently. Thank you for supporting us so far and we wish you the blessedness of God in 2015. We appreciate you.

-Lanre Fashina (Media Support Officer at CDC)

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