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  • Jul152015

    Their Untold Stories And The Rest Of Us

    It is often said that ignorance is bliss. Perhaps the maxim is a typical truism with the perception many of…

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  • Jul142015

    Nutritional Intervention In Autism

    Nutritional intervention is not a cure for autism. However empirical evidence indicates that it does produce improvements in terms of…

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  • Jun242015

    What About ‘Attitudability’ ?

    Children with disabilities encounter different challenges in many areas of their lives and many of these challenges involve people’s attitudes.…

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  • May122015

    The Moves of Dance-A-thon

    The inviting beats and accompanying music flowed seamlessly. Feet tapped the floor rhythmically. The disc jockey went about his business…

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  • Apr022015

    A Case For The Nigerian Child With Autism

    Autism is a neurological disability characterized by severe impairment in verbal communication, difficulty in forming social relationships, and presence of…

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  • Mar112015

    An Exhibition Like No Other…

    The CDC Multi-Sensory Resource Expo will be staged on the 21st of March 2015. It will be a great opportunity…

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  • Feb092015

    Letter To Stakeholders

    Dear Stakeholders, The Children’s Developmental Centre wishes to express our profound gratitude to you for your wonderful goodwill towards us.…

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  • Jan302015

    A Perspective On Sensory Processing Disorder

    Sensory processing refers to how the nervous system receives stimuli through the senses, analyses the information, and then turns these…

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  • Dec302014

    The Apology I Owe My Son With Autism (An Article by Erin Polk).

    Dear Kreed, How many months have we stared at your sweet face begging you to tell us what’s wrong? How…

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  • Nov272014

    Working With Families.

    Raising a child with special needs can be very overwhelming on the entire family structure, affecting parents, siblings, and extended…

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