Let the Celebration be complete

Let the Celebration be complete
June 2, 2014 AdWebmin

Festive seasons are joyful moments and everyone wants to be a part of the celebration. Happy moods are always activated during festive seasons, we cook all sorts of foods, buy all sort of drinks, go out with our families, play games, go shopping, we  eat out, we go for sightseeing, and we have so much fun. We all go out and enjoy ourselves and this is good but I am unhappy when I see some families leave out some of their children because those children have special needs. They are left at home probably because their parents are ashamed of them and/or they do not want people to laugh at them. You know what they have flesh and blood like every other person out there; they are human and have a right to live and have fun just like everyone else within the community.

You need to put people in their place and stand your ground by letting them know that no matter the way your child looks, you appreciate and accept them just the way they are. You need to know that children with special need did not ask or choose to be born that way so do not neglect them or make life difficult or uncomfortable for them. You see you can help children with special needs by making them feel wanted, you can do this by playing with them, taking them for outings, making sure you treat them with dignity and respect like every other child you have , this will help their siblings to appreciate them.

I will always be thankful for the kind of parents and family GOD gave me, because they were very proud of me, took me out, and gave me the very best and this helped boost my self esteem. I appreciate my family especially my mum for not fishing for me but for teaching me how to fish so I can be useful to the society.

Please help children with special needs build healthy self esteem by making them express themselves and taking them out to places where they can experience nature like the parks, Olumo rock, game reserves and so on. Lets us help build a better future for Children with special needs. When next there is a celebration, do not leave the children with special needs out; take them with you to the parks or where ever you are going so that the celebration can be complete.

Oluwabusola Akinsola (living with cerebral palsy).


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