I am a Superstar

I am a Superstar
June 2, 2014 AdWebmin

This particular blog is dedicated to brilliant men and women who did Nigeria and Africa proud at the last Para Olympics games in London (London2012). They gave their best and did excellently well during the games winning 6 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 2 bronze medals.

The Para Olympic team did well, no doubt about that, but my focus is on one of our power lifters (weight lifters) by the name Grace Anozie who won gold. Even though she is a person with special need (she uses a wheel chair) she was not discouraged and she did not give up on life.

I took interest in Grace because she has gone to two previous Para Olympics that is Athens 2004 where she won the bronze, and Beijing 2008 where she won silver but yet she did not give up and she kept on practising and now it has paid off this time in London four years after. Wow what a feat.

This should humble people who are fond of using their conditions as an excuse for not making an effort to succeed. You can do anything you set out to achieve in life with determination. Failure is not an excuse. Those who are afraid of failure will never achieve something great. Grace did fail at 1st attempt in London 2012 but she did not run away, she tried again and she won gold. She made an effort to succeed and GOD crowned it with success.

Another side to her story is that she did not give up on herself even though she was in a wheel chair; she looked for something she was good at doing, and gave it her best. A lot of people would have given up on life if they were in certain conditions like been in a wheel chair, they would be dejected, discouraged and unhappy. But the fact is no matter the condition or situation you find yourself, always know that you are better off than someone out there, or maybe I should put it this way, someone out there wants to be in your shoes. So, the truth is that you owe yourself a debt of been happy since no one can make you feel inferior without your permission. The problem with some people is that they are always conscious of other people’s opinions but the fact is no matter what you do or whatever happens to you, people will always talk, so just give your best and stop playing the pity party.

Grace might be in a wheel chair and people might have laughed at her in the past but she has written her name on the sand of times, she has made history. This goes to show no matter the condition we find ourselves that we are unique and if we will give our best we will be who we want to be.

I want to say a big Congratulation to the Nigerian Para Olympics team, they did not just make Nigeria proud but they also made Africa proud. This should also teach people, especially those in authority that they need to make life more comfortable for people with special needs and help them discover and showcase their gifts  or talents so that the country and the world at large can benefit  from it.

You as an individual needs to have an ‘I CAN’ attitude, which will make you face challenges and triumph over them. So the next time you are faced with a difficult situation, give your best and you will be better for it.

Oluwabusola Akinsola (living with cerebral palsy)

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