The Happiness It Brings

The Happiness It Brings
July 27, 2014 Children's Developmental Centre

Oh! How will I do this! Can it just be over? Such were the ideas that were raised on my young mind when introduced about four weeks ago to the facility known as Children’s Developmental Centre (C.D.C.). Working with special-needs children was going to be boring and unpleasing; such ideas flowed in my brain freely without any caution. Little did I know I just committed the greatest fallacy.

As a physiotherapy student on outside posting in this facility, working with these blessed children with special needs has all become part of me, such that each day, I wake to the thought of Oh! It is another day, another opportunity to make a special boy and girl smile, laugh, and enjoy his or her day. The conclusion is that working with a child with special needs is no big deal at all.

The first notion I got adapted to is they are children from the Almighty too and just like God in heaven is giving special care to us all, we must reciprocate such. Thus he gave us the special children. And he said “do what I am doing for you, he/she is special” Having to work with them for four weeks, interacting with them each day, seeing them smile around me, tickling and joking with them all the way, the “Hi fives”, good-morning relationships, and having to specially put them through a lot in their academics and work, and seeing them respond well, even though with special requirements, you can’t imagine what great joy and happiness it brings.

Fun all the way it was through the four weeks at CDC, seeing the children dance to different rhythms and songs and the responsiveness they give as they listen along. What is more pleasing than seeing an unhappy girl bubble with life from the beats of the ‘shekere’ and drums made available in the different units and at the gymnasium when they have the general circle. Need I say, the joy is always transferred to the surroundings?

Communicating with some of the children here to know how they feel each morning, what they did during the weekends-to the mall!- what they did at a particular time, a wonderful bond is created because you will surely get interested and listen as they talk you through. To be happy, make other people happy too. At C.D.C. you have to make the children functional and happy. I have seen for myself the happiness it brings because of the opportunity to definitely make the children happy each day.
You want to be happy? MAKE A SPECIAL CHILD HAPPY TOO.

-Oladejo Israel O. (Physiotherapy Student on internship from UCH).

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